Refining your website could be tough since you will need to alter your back–end code significantly to make your websites run much faster. However, it is possible to boost your website’s effectiveness, without having to transform anything in the backend. By using the Website Accelerator Tools, built into the Control Panel, you can help your websites work and function better than ever. This will not merely benefit your end users (everyone loves the web site they’re visiting to open rapidly), but may also help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Working with the Website Accelerator Tools is actually easy. Merely sign into your Control Panel and see just how each website accelerator instrument performs.


RAM–saving as opposed to database requests

If you have a busy database–operated web site or application, it may have issues running swiftly for the customers because of the different calls sent to the database. To aid you address the web page streaming problem, we have included the Memcached system in the Control Panel.

Memcached is an effective distributed memory caching system, which collects data and objects in the server’s memory to stop the database from being asked whenever a visitor opens a certain webpage. This way, your site pages are going to load a lot faster for visitors and will definitely raise the chance for them to return.

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RAM–storing as an alternative to HTTP requests

If you’ve got content–loaded busy web sites with loads of graphics plus clips, you will definitely need to be sure that your web pages load quickly for the website visitors. A great tool you can employ is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that can help you speed up your websites without demanding that you have any special technical capabilities.

Varnish caches all queries towards the server in the server RAM and ships the webpages swiftly to the customer by making unnecessary brand–new requests to the web server. This way, the web pages on your web site are going to be opened 300 – 1000x times more quickly for your visitors. Additionally, you can select if the inbound calls will be taken care of by Varnish, or by the hosting server, etcetera.

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Build flexible web applications with ease

Node.js offers an up–to–date development program for building adaptable web apps and web sites in a short time span. It may be employed for almost anything – from dealing with API requests, streaming data files and also parsing email messages to converting pictures, audio files, clips and office files.

It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally takes advantage of an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light and productive. Furthermore, Node.js features a significant loyal community that makes regular revisions for the system and is also always willing to help.

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