If you use a mailing list to reach some or all of the users/visitors on your web site on a periodic basis, its subscribers are frequently called mailing list members. They have to register and to give their categorical consent to get automatic email messages. You can authorize mailing list members manually as well, in case the mailing list client that you use to manage the mailing list allows this. In accordance with the commonly accepted policies, a list member should be able to unsubscribe whenever they like. You, as the administrator, can also delete mailing list members if they should not receive email messages for any reason. The emails that each member gets will have only one address in the "To" field, not the addresses of all the members.
Mailing List Members in Shared Web Hosting
Administering the members of any electronic mailing list set up in a shared web hosting account with our company will be incredibly easy. We make use of a feature-crammed piece of software called Majordomo – one of the most popular mailing list client apps for setting up and managing mailing lists available on the marketplace. It will allow you to authorize, to remove or to see all the subscribers by simply sending an email message to majordomo@your-domain.com. Freshly imported members will have to verify their membership, so you can’t just add a mailbox and begin sending out periodic emails to it using a mailing list without the user’s consent. Should you face any problems, we have an elaborate help article in the Email Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel that comes with each account, as well as a round-the-clock customer care staff, which will help you with any questions with regard to the mailing list features.
Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Each and every semi-dedicated server that we offer will allow you to set up electronic mailing lists with as many subscribers as you want. The powerful Majordomo mailing list app that we provide will grant you total command over your subscribers. You’ll be able to add and to delete mailing list members or to view a thorough list of all existing members. The new ones will get a confirmation email message and they will need to accept to be added to a particular mailing list and to receive messages in the future. You can manage the mailing lists that you’ve set up and the mailing list members from any location or device without having to log in to your Hepsia Control Panel – you just have to send a message to majordomo@your-domain.com. In case you’re hesitant about how to implement a specific task, you can always read the educational articles about Majordomo that will be available in your hosting Contol Panel.